Frames to flatter your style

Besides their original purpose - to correct vision - glasses for many people are also stylish accessory that gives the appearance of a special uniqueness and create a complete image. But to become an ornament, glasses should fit you in many ways, in particular, they must be combined with the shape of your face. And this applies to all points (optical, sunglasses, computer, driving, etc.).
We will try to assist you in choosing models of glasses on the face shape.
So, first you must correctly define the shape of your face. To do this, come to the mirror, collecting all the hair back and critically view your face, trying to compare it with one of the geometric shapes. We recommend using just a mirror, not a photograph, as a person, as a figure, is constantly changing, and the picture a month ago may not accurately reflect the contours of your face.
The main rule of selection of glasses: Sunglasses should be proportional to the size of your face, as well as to divert attention from the most prominent features of his or smoothing them.
1. Oval face
The oval face shape is considered to be ideal. It is characterized by narrow and harmonious traits often associated with high cheekbones. A person is more elongated in length than in width, usually the forehead slightly wider than the jaw.
The task of the spectacle frame in this case is to preserve the harmonious proportions of the face.
Recommendation: You will fit almost any model of points, but the most advantageous you watch glasses butterfly, rectangular or 'cat' glasses. Recent accentuate your cheekbones.
Council. Avoid too massive and broad points, against which the facial features would look too small. Ideally, the width of the frame must be equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face, and the top line of the frame must coincide with the line of the eyebrows.
2.  Round face
The round shape of the face is a soft line of the circle, about the same length and width, with smooth curves, full cheeks and a rounded chin. The problem points in your case - to pull the face to make it look slimmer and emphasize the eyes, making them appear larger.
Recommendation: Your model of glasses - angular, rectangular or square glasses with broad temples. Angular points will draw out a long face, directing eyes to the temple and increasing the eye.
Council. In no case do not use round glasses, they will further accentuate the fullness of the face. Note the colored eyeglass lenses, they are somewhat detracts from the face, thereby making it visually slimmer. Try frames with clear or colorless jumper on the bridge of the nose, your eyes will seem larger.
3. Square Face
A square face shape is characterized by angular, prominent jaw strong, square chin and broad forehead. The length of the face is approximately equal to its width. The aim of properly chosen spectacle frame is to smooth the corners of the chin and elongation face, making it slimmer.
Recommendations will help achieve the desired effect oval or round glasses and glasses aviators who will soften jawline, eyes and underlined several lengthen the nose. "Cat" glasses will focus on the eyes, which will also smooth the corners.
Council. Square and rectangular glasses will lead to the opposite effect, and further exacerbate the angularity of the face, so these frames should be avoided. Rim is better to choose a dark color. Low bridge on the bridge will also allow to round and soften sharp facial contours. Choose frames of the same width as the face.
4. Triangular face (heart)
A typical triangular face is characterized by a wide forehead, narrowing down towards the face and a small rounded chin. Its shape resembles a heart, so the triangular face is often said that it is "in the shape of a heart." The problem points in this case - to harmonize the top and bottom face, divert attention from the broad temples and look at the draw thin lines in the lower part of the face.
Recommendation: to cope with this spectacle frames with a wider lower part, which visually enhance small mouth and chin. The ideal model for you will sunglasses butterfly and "cat" glasses, they will balance the face. Round frames will help to reduce and soften too broad forehead.
Council. Try glasses without rim or thin metal or plastic frame muted colors. Make sure the width of the points does not exceed the height of the forehead. Avoid heavy bulky glasses with lots of details and decorations.
5. Long face
The elongated shape of the face is characterized by angular lines and the length of the face is much greater than its width. The problem with the glasses - soften and smooth out the edges and visually reduce the face.
Recommendation: If you have a long face, you can use almost any setting, as long as no points were too small. Oval, rectangular, square glasses, in the style of "The Aviator" - all to your taste, just remember to larger sizes you will need the points.
Council. Avoid glasses rimless glasses and small size, they stretched it over your face. Try glasses with a gradient coating, attracts attention to the eyes and distracting from the shape of the face.
6.  Rectangular face
If your face is rectangular, most likely you have elongated oval face with a square chin, strong jaw and rather elongated nose. The problem points - shorten the face and smooth angular lines.
Tip: Most of you will approach the square spectacle frames, which are somewhat shorten the face and harmonize it. Decorations framed by sideburns will face visually wider. Socket low bridge on a bridge allows hide too elongated nose and give the face a more refined form.
Council. Avoid small points, which further lengthen the face.
7. Person diamond-shaped
Diamond - the rarest face shape, characterized by a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, narrow chin and angular lines. Normally, such a person has too narrow eyes and jaw line, while the cheekbones are high and clearly stand out from the rest of the facial features. The problem points in this case is to draw attention to the upper part of the face and eyes, widening them and thereby balancing the face.
Recommendation: Do you fit the rounded form of points, aviator sunglasses, or "cat" will look perfectly. In some cases, you can pay attention to the square glasses, but with caution.
Council. Choose spectacle frames with a heavy top and sunglasses, in which only the top rim and bottom rim missing. Pay attention to the eyebrow line, it should emphasize the points you selected. Jewellery at the top of the rim, too, will not be superfluous.
8. Face in the shape of an inverted triangle
The face of the inverted triangle is characterized by a narrow forehead and extending towards the cheeks and chin. When choosing glasses, it is important that they pay attention to the upper part of the face and eyes, concealing massive chin and thereby balancing the shape of the face.
Recommendation: You will approach points to the wider top, geometric, aviators or "cat". You can try and oval glasses, but they are not suitable for everyone. The important point is to focus on the upper part of the spectacle frame, it can be a variety of decorations, increased thickness, color selection. The main thing is to give a person the right proportions, drawing his gaze to the top third.
Council. Try a half-rim glasses that do not have the lower bezel. Emphasize with eyeglasses eyebrow line. Do not be afraid to experiment with color.