Choosing perfect eyeglasses

When purchasing points, the focus is generally given to the choice of frames. Many buyers stuck relation to points as a fancy goods, fashion accessories, and not to the medical device. Now points sell everywhere - on the market stalls, in the subway, in trains and at stations. If you bought "wrong" points without observing the optical performance or spectacle lenses made of a material of poor or low quality, then begins the process of "habituation," in, the body tries to compensate for optical distortions due to headaches, eyestrain, and further deterioration of vision. On the question of the choice of points should be approached with extreme caution.
Step 1. Go to an ophthalmologist for consultation. If you really need glasses, the doctor will make the necessary measurements and write out a prescription. It is important to know the number of points for the selection of diopters, and the distance between the pupils.
Step 2. See the recipe to the optics. Professionals will become familiar with the data in the recipe, and will offer an optimal frame.
Step 3. Try in a relaxed atmosphere all the proposed options for frames. Choose not only in color and style, but also a sense of comfort. If you like the rim, but large bow you can ask the master gently bend them.
Step 4. Decide what you want to insert the lens: made of plastic or glass, glasses "chameleon" or coated with anti-glare. Would additional dimming glass.
Human is such a way that almost the most sensitive spot of the body is the bridge of the nose. Fortunately, rim available on the market, much lighter and thinner than they were ten years ago. During today titanium, which is three times lighter than steel, and equally durable. Yes, and very simplified design frames - steel used to hold the lens invisible fishing line.
Do not hesitate in choosing frames go through a lot of options and decide on the following parameters:
• Points are properly seated, you do not feel any discomfort, do not press whether they whiskey BTE depression and nose. If it is possible, check out the options on the computer;
• nose pads must be mobile, silicone, "adaptive", easy to adjust;
• frame sliding on the tip of the nose should not even at a low inclination and warp face. The upper part of the rim should be strictly parallel to the eyebrows, it is desirable to repeat it;
• choosing between metal and plastic, remember that plastic bezel, though cheaper, but a one-off, but more expensive and durable - a metal frame;
• pupils should get a clear area in the middle of the lens;
• Points - a fashion accessory. Remember, they are clearly talking about your social status, style and taste.
From the choice of material depends largely on the rim of their allergenic properties and strength, appearance, weight and durability. It is desirable frame of nickel, it is an allergen. Titanium, gold, silver and stainless steel are considered to be hypoallergenic. Temples and nose pads made of acetate, silicone and other plastics or metals. Keep in mind that silicone can cause an allergic reaction.
Plastic material
Plastic frames are very popular: they are lightweight, durable, long retain consumer properties. Spectacle frames from plastics can be of various shapes and colors.
Frames made of cellulose acetate are pretty cheap, they have rich colors. The material is lightweight, durable, stable at ordinary temperatures to mechanical stress. Unfortunately, these frames in contact with a person under the influence of sweat gradually discolored.
Grilamid (Grilamid) - a modern polymer used for sunglasses, is highly resistant to high temperatures and impact resistance, flexibility, light weight, retains its shape.
Hyrdalon (Girdalon) - brand nylon different elasticity and flexibility.
Nylon / Polyamide - points of a frame strong and very light. They are difficult to break down these materials often used for sports glasses and frames fitting form. Resistant to high and low temperatures (not deformed), and scratch resistance. However, under the influence of sunlight nylon frames are gradually becoming more fragile.
Propionate are similar in their properties to cellulose acetate, and yet such frames are more durable, flexible and lighter than the rim of the cellulose acetate.
SPX - proprietary polymer having outstanding properties, is virtually ideal material for eyeglass frames, different elasticity, flexibility, high resistance to scratching. Durable, well retain their shape, are hypoallergenic.
Metal frames
Titanium is considered almost the best material of eyeglass frames, it is very light, durable and hypoallergenic. Frames made of pure titanium insanely beautiful and available in a wide range of colors. Frames classified as "luxury". Cheaper frames from different alloys, in which titanium of about 70-80%. Other additives - aluminum, iron, chromium and others.
Flekson (Flexon) - based alloy of nickel and titanium. The frame can take the original shape after a very strong deformation. Frames of flexion are hard to break, they are recommended for children and sports. Also, they are light and hypoallergic. Monel - an alloy based on copper and nickel with a small addition of other metals. The material is durable and resistant to corrosion.
Stainless steel - an alloy of iron and chromium. Spectacle frames are durable, light weight, they are resistant to corrosion and relatively cheap. Hypoallergenic.
Aluminium is used in the manufacture of light frames having higher corrosion resistance.
Silver and gold may be applied to individual items spectacle frames as coatings. Usually used for this purpose is not pure gold / silver, and alloys thereof.
Other materials
Wood / Bone / skin designers are not forgotten, these frames have a natural look and is very beautiful.
Also used for decoration of expensive rims and precious / semi-precious stones.
Stylists are advised to choose the color of the frame depending on the color of your eyes.
Blue / blue eyes. The most successful contrasts brown bezel, and to enhance the effect, choose a frame with steel or dark blue elements on the rim.
Green eyes. Frame in plum tones will add an additional shade of green eyes. Successful will also frames with trim elements in emerald green tones.
Brown eyes. The beauty brown eyes emphasize frame lavender (ie blue with purple hues). Frame color coffee and tortoiseshell frame will help to give your eyes a richness and depth.
Eyes with a hint of hazelnut. Excellent set off sparks of golden eyes greenish rim. Nut shade eyes give depth and brown frame.
• Determine to begin with, the type of the color of your skin - to the "winter", "spring", "summer" or "autumn".
• For the "winter" type rims fit cold colors: purple, white, steel, pale pink, plum, blue, gray, jade, silver, amethyst and anthracite. Black - the ideal and refuse from the orange rim.
• For people "spring type" recommended all transparent shades of spring palette (light beige, lime color, pastel blue, warm golden). Acceptable as bright red or dark beige. Remember, the shade should be warm and not too crowded. In general, suitable metal thin rim with a covering imitating gold.
• The "summer type" recommended rim warm tones: brown tortoise, red, copper, cream, honey, gold, coral, peach, beige, orange and even khaki.
• For people who "fall style" preferred frame of brown, beige or golden honey color. There are different shades of green are appropriate. If you want a metal frame, choose the color of gold or copper, but not silver.
• When aging skin in the elderly should avoid silver-gray shades that further decolorized appearance. Choose frames purple or red shades, it will revitalize the complexion.
• Blondes will look brilliant rimmed in gold, silver or color titanium alloy.
• Platinum blonde and gray suggest chose the colors of silver, platinum and titanium.
• For fair and red recommended rim in bronze, copper, gold or " turtle colour."
• Brown-haired and brunettes can choose rims of all shades of brown and red.
• A striking brunettes suit black or gold.
With correctly selected eyeglass frames can be adjusted and the face to hide his shortcomings.
To hide too big forehead use the glasses, which "sit" on the very nose.
If you have a noticeable nose, it is better to purchase a large frame dusky color, better double jumper, sitting slightly below the nose. Slightly upturned edges of the frame will draw eyes to the temples, diverting attention from the long nose of the interlocutor. And there are two jumpers on the bridge visually shorten the nose. Light frame, sitting high on the bridge of the nose, will visually lengthen a small nose
"Snub-nosed" recommended glasses with a slightly raised bridge.
The owners recommended a massive chin same massive frame, slipping slightly from the nose, or a very thin frame in the shape of an oval. Avoid dark frames.
Excessive fullness round face well hide dark rim.
For a person with a broad forehead and a pointed chin required frame "Butterfly" or "cat's eye".
If the jaw is heavy, choose glasses with the horizontal part of the selection frame. Slightly rounded shape of glasses on the nose high to sit on.
Major features will become more pronounced with a thin light color rim. If you want to correct a big nose - look at the larger frame.
Owners rectangular, somewhat elongated vertically, the person should choose sunglasses that cover most of the face.
The jaw and wide forehead? Choose not too big, with smooth curves frames. This will reduce the "squareness" of the face and add length to it. For these individuals well suited frame with horizontal, distinct accents, and oval shapes, with the shackle on the bridge. Avoid bright lenses and saturated colors.
The lower part of the narrow triangular face adjust thin metal frame with vertical lines underlined.
Selecting points - a selection of harmonizing two interconnected elements, frames and lenses. We examine the pros and cons of the existing types of lenses.
Glass lenses and their advantages:
• such lenses is excellent "hold" form, and this is determined by the stability of the optics. They are durable;
• Do not change the transparency during his lifetime;
• delays the ultraviolet, which is useful if you are a long time in the bright sun in the mountains. Such lenses are recommended for pilots of aircraft, paratroopers, in a production environment, etc .;
• photochromic glass perfectly perceives impurities (Optical lenses change the bandwidth depending on the light). This quality is used in ockham- "Chameleon", the so-called sun (see. Articles How to choose sunglasses);
• can be performed with the polarization, glare and antireflection coatings. The first two qualities are undoubtedly important when working at the computer and driving a car.
Disadvantages of glass lenses:
• fragile and easily broken glass, so it is better not to drop them;
• glass lens is expensive and difficult to produce with diopter double curvature, so people with astigmatism of plastic lenses is preferably selected;
• Glass has a higher density compared to polycarbonate plastic, thus, have to put up with traces of the rim and the severity of the nose (by the way, for this reason, his pince-nez fell into disuse).
In photochromic lenses smoky-gray and yellowish shades of light and changes in bandwidth occurs a few tens of seconds. Therefore, there are disadvantages as with solar glare just need to enter a closed space (in the subway, for example). Psychologically, it is considered an annoying delay.
The advantages of polycarbonate plastic lenses:
• the plastic lens with respect to the glass obtained about twice lighter;
• less traumatic (they are harder to break up fragments);
• easily painted in any color;
• useful in the production of polycarbonate diopter lenses double curvature (for astigmatism).
Disadvantages of plastic:
• lighter than glass, scratch;
• require an altogether more gentle care and treatment;
• highly absorbent when moving from cold to warm moisture;
• accumulate static charge (attract dust);
• not as durable as glass;
• become more fragile under the influence of low temperatures
Prefer colored lenses? Consider the impact of certain colors in the perception and the human psyche. Purple, green, and blue to soothe and pacify. Shades of red are on the psyche annoyingly also distort color. Be careful, it can cause temporary loss of orientation in space.
Yellow lenses are more decorative accessories. For continuous wear lenses, experts advise to buy the classic colors: gray, black or brown. These shades filtered larger number of infrared and ultraviolet rays, and also allow for a more realistic environment to perceive color.
* OPTICAL INDICATORS (diopters, center distance) - this information gives you a selection of specialist glasses, your vision is fully surveyed.
* INDEX (refractive index) of spectacle lenses - the main indicator of class lens. The basic rule is: the indexes higher, the curvature of the lens and the thickness is less. In practice this means that it is easier to be of high index lenses. Such lenses are less distorting your eyes and face, and pick them thin and stylish frame will be easier. INDEX in modern lenses is in the range of 1.5-1.9 optical glass, optical plastic - 1.5-1.7. Lenses with close to 1.5 index are low-index and index bolee1,6 - has high viscosity.
* Material spectacle lenses - the choice now lies between the plastic and glass. No clear advantage for those of any others.
* ANTIREFLEKSNOE lens coating - technology significantly improves all the optical properties of the lens, increases the transparency of the lens by 8-10%. With him comfortable eyes, they are less tired at the visual load. In addition, the lenses with anti-reflex in the dark behind the wheel let you see better.
- Children move a lot better for them to pick up points from safety glass. This quality gives the lens material is polycarbonate, which is also resistant to abrasion. These glasses sloppy children to scratch will not be easy.
- People who often shoot at the camera or the camera, you need to buy glasses with anti-reflective effect. These glasses are very popular with broadcasters and politicians.
- The driver to choose the best sunglasses with green or brown lenses that improve contrast. It is also desirable glasses for drivers removed unwanted glare of headlights and other light sources.
- Office workers can choose lenses that reduce eye strain when working on the computer. Wear goggles with these lenses can be even with good vision. They are necessary for the health of the eye.
To protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the monitor experts recommended to wear special glasses. Spectacle lenses computer coated with a special coating, neutralizing electromagnetic radiation monitor and help protect the eyes from the regular screen flicker.
1. Select the points for the computer depending on the nature of your work. If you're constantly working with text, you need glasses, which enhance the contrast and clean halftones. If you're dealing with graphics, choose glasses, improving color reproduction. And if you often sit at the computer, playing different games, choose glasses with lenses that are not reflective glare.
Notice that in the domestic market offer most universal glasses with lenses. To find those glasses that fit your type of work, you do not have to look into one optics.
2. Check before you buy glasses at the ophthalmologist. The doctor will evaluate your vision and advise the necessary points.
3. The best way to buy glasses for the computer in the store or in the pharmacy optics. Sellers need to be sure the documents for the goods.
4.Kachestvennye points for the computer can not be cheap. Such a purchase would damage eyesight. Do not skimp on the rim, and also computer glasses.
5. Points to the computer you want to apply, if they have during the day your eyes are not tired. If you feel discomfort, eye pain, itching, and other troubles, the choice is made correctly or you slipped defective goods.
Points - a means of expression. Emancipated, a dynamic lady could choose the classic version: simple, functional, perhaps a square or oval, not too wide view of the frame in which it would look both feminine and slightly aggressive, thus demonstrating surrounding self-sufficiency. The color of the frame can be restrained, but the bright colors of active women is also not afraid.
Romantic person would prefer a round or oval shape, different, but always with the soft tones of moderate size.
Extravagant man as male and female, fit all that can shock: in all sizes, colors and unusual shapes.
A respectable man would prefer, most likely, moderately trendy, simple but elegant mind frame.
Men sport type is recommended to opt for a rectangular or square matte frame.
Points require thoughtful makeup.
If the lenses increase or decrease, need to carefully paint the eyes. When a thin-framed choose shade gray-purple tones.
Spectacle frame requires yellow ocher shadows.
If you picked up the horn-rimmed glasses, it is best to be with them in harmony shades of terracotta, as well as beige and brown colors.
Socket cover the eyebrow line should not. In contrast, light and dark eyebrows better emphasize and fix the gel.
With very bright-rimmed eyes should be painted a minimum, the focus is preferably made on the lips.
And most importantly, remember that the frame should be like you. If you feel confident in selected glasses, comfortable and stylish, no doubt, you have made the right choice!