4 Tips to Keep Your Eyeglasses Safe and Clean

A few tips for the care of points:
• Rinse the lenses need to cool water with soap and water or a special spray for cleaning eyeglass lenses.
• To clean the lens you need a special cloth made of microfiber and only special fluids for eyeglass lenses. Microfiber cloth can be washed at temperatures up to 40 ° C, without the use of laundry softeners, since in the subsequent cleaning they leave marks on the lens (the strip).
• Points should not be cleaned with paper towels, they contain hard particles that can scratch the surface points.
• Rugged case for glasses - the best place to store them when not in use. If the case is not at hand, points it's worth to keep in a safe place. In no case do not put down the glasses lenses (such as a table or pr.).
Temperature fluctuations
• Plastic lenses cannot be used at high temperatures or under high temperature variations. This adversely affects the strength of the lens structure (anti-glare surface).
• Usually the temperature below 60 ° C does not affect the properties of glasses. The absolute maximum temperature for all types of lenses cannot be designated because it is different and depends on the coverage, environmental conditions (wet / dry), the length of stay without protection or the degree of damage to the coating.
• Do not use glasses at a temperature above 80 ° C. In the case of plastic lenses with high refractive index is high probability of damage to the coating. Temperatures above 80 ° C is usually in the sauna or on the dashboard of the car in the hot sun.
• Excessive solar oscillations can lead to cracks and even delamination of the coating.
• low winter temperatures (below 0 ° C) for glass, are usually not affected.